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  • Brancaia-Weinhandlung-Weinregal

    Vinothek Brancaia: The Wine Shop Rethought | Gala

    4. November 2022
    We planned, coordinated, and completed the conversion of Vinothek Brancaia in Zurich-Seefeld. Now it sells more wine in the same…
  • Eingangsbereich Negishi Bahnhof Winterthur


    19. October 2022
    You Savor Sushi with Your Eyes First There's no getting around the new Negishi Cube at Winterthur railway station. For…
  • Kilo + Gramm

    18. October 2022
    Most people would lose their appetite at the sight of a slaughterhouse that has sat empty for years. So how…
  • Gooods-Zürich-HB-Titelbild-Schaufenster

    Gooods – Wettbewerb

    17. October 2022
    How will you shop for your groceries in the future? If gooods. has its way: it will be faster, more…