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We create lodging to wow guests

Eye-catching design? That doesn’t quite cut it for us. Our hotel interior designs are multi-dimensional. Even the bell in the lobby tells a story your guests will remember — right up until their next booking.
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If guests are already planning their next trip when they enter your hotel

you can be sure the interior design is responsible. Weaving a thread from the lobby to the rooms, its draws guests in. Our interior designers take on the role of a storyteller, translating the central idea of your story into a physical space.

One partner is all you require to design your entire hotel. We have extensive experience in designing offices, restaurants and retail stores — making us the perfect partner to curate a bespoke dining area, office and gift shop in your hotel. All in the expert hands of our specialists.

Every floor curated by GALA

Our hotel portfolio

Our future model for repurposing hotel rooms brings new life to old rooms.

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From the initial concept to the final touches

We are happy to guide you through all three interior design stages. Instead of attempting to juggle architects, construction firms and creatives, we’ll take care of everything as your sole partner for the entire process.

#1 Positioning

What do you want your guests to experience when they check in? We get to the heart of your brand in our workshop.

#2 Planning

Visualize every detail of your project in 2D and 3D, from the lighting to the decor. We will also prepare a schedule and budget.

#3 Project management

We take care of coordinating everyone involved in your project to make sure your hotel opens on time and on budget.

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What atmosphere do you want to create for your guests? When do you plan on holding a grand opening and do you have any questions? We’d be happy to discuss these aspects and more in a non-binding meeting. Let us know what you have in mind to get the ball rolling on your interior design.

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The GALA Design team in Zurich creates spaces for unique experiences guests will treasure a whole life long. They dare to try something new, set trends and make the most of cutting-edge (technological) possibilities. Want to find out more?

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GALA: For hoteliers, who dare to be different

Do you have a vision for your interior design?

We’d love to hear about it. Once you’ve contacted us, we’ll get back to you to arrange a meeting to discuss your ideas in more detail.

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