Interior design for gastronomy: Restaurants, bars & cafés

Transforming your menu into an experience for all five senses

Your food and drinks treat the taste buds Our interior design handles the other senses, inspiring your guests to come back to your restaurant time and again.
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«A table for two?»

Successful interior design involves more than just eye-catching decor. It magically draws in passers-by, keeps customers in your business for longer and makes them feel at home (and happy to dig deeper into their wallets). With this in mind, our approach to interior design revolves around psychology and functionality instead of pure aesthetics.

We mirror the level of passion you put into perfecting your food and drinks with our interior design. No matter how small, every detail has the power to transform your guests’ experience. Our experts leave no stone unturned: Down to the exact position of the soap dispenser in the restrooms.

Like the sugary rim on a cocktail glass

Portfolio: GALA interior design for gastronomy

Eating isn’t the only thing students do during their breaks. Downtime gives them time to recharge their batteries, making space for new ideas.

Zurich University of Teacher Education canteen

Complete your interior construction project with a competent partner at your side

We guide you through the entire process, starting with your initial ideas through to the grand opening. We take care of everything, meaning you don’t need to spend time juggling architects, tradespeople and interior decorators.

#1 Branding

Imagine your menu as a space: What does it look like? What does it smell like? How does it make your feel? We get to the heart of your kitchen in our workshop.

#2 Concept

We transform your idea for your gastronomy business into a design that you can imagine down to the finest details thanks to 2D and 3D visualization. All in line with your budget and schedule.

#3 Realization

While you're busy working on your new menu, we’ll make sure your site is ready on time and on budget. Covering every aspect from electronics to furniture.

What will your gastro experience look like?

Whether you’re aiming for a quaint inn or avant-garde pop-up bar: We design a space that reflects the style of your brand. Get in touch to arrange a non-binding meeting to discuss your vision, our ideas and the way to achieve them.

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The GALA team in Zurich believes that the world of gastronomy is transforming. In the conflict between digitization and the desire for more genuine experiences, we want to help shape the future of gastronomy to allow more people to take the time to have fun in an increasingly hectic world.

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GALA: We don’t chase trends, we set them

Restaurants, bars & cafés? Get one step closer to the grand opening.

Tell us about your ideas. We’ll respond to your query within 24 hours and suggest a date and time for an initial meeting.

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