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Translating your branding into an interior design checklist

Not sure how to transform your brand concept into a tangible idea? We’ll work with you to develop your corporate interior design in a workshop. Together, we can define the principles that will shape your interior design.
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A concept designed to tell your story

Your brand is unique. Something second-rate design is unable to express. It’s crucial that your branding is carried across into your interior design to inspire customers and retain employees with positioning that is clear the moment you enter the room.

Our Branded Interior Design Workshop provides handy pointers for this approach to interior design. Instead of designing actual spatial elements, the workshop focuses on translating your corporate identity into principles that form the basis for your design concept.

Rapid design

Once you've established your strategy, you’ll be able to visualize your concrete spatial plan at a quicker pace. Especially for large projects involving multiple locations of buildings.

Brand positioning with pinpoint accuracy

Ideally, corporate interior design should express your brand's vision, mission and culture. It has the power to address your target audience without the use of words.

Achieve your goals

Every space serves a purpose: from getting employees to be more productive in the office to selling more products at the POS. Your strategy can help you achieve these goals.

Workshop: get feedback on your design strategy

We take a close look at what defines your brand in our strategic workshop: its vision, culture, target audience, product range and positioning. The workshop involves in-depth discussions with you and your team to discover what lies at the heart of your brand.

We work with you to develop solutions and ideas on how to reflect these aspects in your interior design. At the end of the session, we will provide you with a checklist to guide future interior concepts and designs towards achieving your goals.

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