Design & Planning

We curate design concepts with the wow factor

The concept is where we develop the idea for your bespoke space — down to the last details. Our interior designers draw up concrete plans you can use to get going with the implementation.
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Fine-tuned down to the finest detail — even the noise made by your coffee machine

The design concept is a continuation of your architectural plan. It translates your ideas into concrete visual specifications. Covering every aspect from the floor plan to the perfect location for your coffee machine. Before we can create the concept, we need to answer a number of questions, including:

  • How will visitors be guided from the entrance to the POS?
  • Which routes do employees take — and how can the design facilitate this
  • How are the goods presented to promote sales?
  • Which colors, shapes, fragrances and lights should characterize the space?


A first look at your future space

Your ideas will start to gradually transform into a coherent overall concept before your very eyes. We start with rough sketches to capture the atmosphere you want to achieve. At a later stage, we provide realistic 3D visualizations that enable you to walk through your finalized future space before construction is complete.

  • Sketches
  • Layout
  • Materialization
  • 3D visualization and animation
  • Design manuals

Technical Planning

Set construction on the right path

Our planning office takes care of drawing up technical plans to avoid any delays or costly errors during or after completion. From figuring out the positioning of pipes to each individual support, light fixture and tile — no detail is too small. We guarantee full compliance with fire safety legislation and other regulations in the process.

  • Feasibility analyses
  • Building application
  • Design and detailed plans
  • Technical specifications and coordination
  • Tender process
  • Construction manuals

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