The Hotel of the Future: What Might Hotels Look Like in 2040? [Tour]

The Hotel of the Future: What Might Hotels Look Like in 2040? [Tour]

Many hotels still lack fast Wi-Fi and contactless payment. But the hotels of the future are already being built now, not tomorrow. At the end of the day, we already clearly know what the standard will be in the future. 

GALA explores the trends based on studies conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute and other research bodies to demonstrate what hotels need to do to get ahead of the competition.

Join us on a tour around the hotel of the future.

The Lobby of the Future

When you first enter the hotel of the future, you might be surprised at how little you see. There are no lines at reception, no stressed employees. It’s no wonder. Now, simple tasks like check-in or check-out are all managed digitally. Guests check themselves in or out using an app or at a terminal in the lobby.

There’s also no need to speak to staff for basic questions related to your stay: A digital concierge located either in reception or on your phone responds to questions within a matter of seconds. This makes guests happy while reducing the workload for staff. It also frees up more time for staff to focus on more complex guest questions and provide a personal experience.

Needless to say, all transactions are contactless. Room keys have been replaced in favor of an app or combination lock.

Time to check out the suite!

The Hotel Room of the Future

Step into your suite and enjoy the pleasant temperature, fresh air and sunlight streaming into the room. The ventilation, heating and light automatically adapt to the current situation.

Alternatively, you can control the environment using the control system in your room. You can find your guest portfolio, video call the concierge and access the entertainment system on the tablet. Have you already crawled into bed? Use the voice assistant to control the settings.

Your devices can charge while you relax after arrival. The hotel of the future caters to the needs of digital natives and offers plenty of outlets for all of your devices.

Before leaving your room, let the iPad know any requests you have in terms of cleaning. Perhaps you would like your room to be particularly thoroughly cleaned? Hygiene remains an important topic. 

Why not do your part to save the planet by not having your towels and bedding washed each day of your stay? Trash separation, energy-efficient insulation and an economical design are a matter of course in the hotel of the future.

Are you in the mood for a bite to eat?

The Restaurant of the Future

Luckily, you managed to score of reservation at the top hotel restaurant when you arrived. The place is practically full to the brim, which hardly comes as a surprise. The dining experience is unlike any restaurant you’ve eaten at in the past. It’s like being transported to another planet!

Each course served by friendly waiters, not robots, is simply transcendental. In the restaurant of the future, fresh ingredients from the local area are always on the menu. The vegan, vegetarian and healthy dishes are a treat for the taste buds.

You’ll be hungry for the next meal before you’ve finished your first!

Hotel Concepts for the Future

Travel in the future simply can’t be compared to how you travel currently. Major tourism trends will continue to impact the way you travel.

Travel will be personal: You’ll decide what your dream trip looks like. Make decisions for your stay just like we’ve all been picking options for our flights for decades like choosing to sit by the window, have extra legroom or the vegetarian meal. Opt for the ocean view, a firmer mattress and to stay on the same floor as the spa so you don’t need to walk through the entire hotel in your bathrobe. In the future, your trip will be tailored to your needs.

Travel will also be flexible. You can’t always plan exactly when you’ll arrive when you book. Luckily, in the future you’ll be able to freely select when you want to check-in and check-out.

You may not only be traveling for pleasure, but also for business as a digital nomad, combining work with downtime. The last time you stayed at a hotel without a co-working space or fast Internet was back in 2023!

The Future of the Hotel Industry for Hospitality Workers

During your stay, you can’t help but notice how friendly and relaxed the staff seem to be.

Gone are the days of long lines and endless questions from quests: The workplace of the future no longer requires staff to take care of every small task. The digital concierge responds to common questions and books tables or massages, giving staff more time to focus on giving guests a personal experience.

That doesn’t mean every tricky task can be handled digitally. However, the office of tomorrow values the input of qualified professionals, with the team being more efficient, getting sick less and staying with the hotel longer.

Are You Looking to Design a Hotel Fit for the Future?

Work with us to develop a concept that will still sweep your guests off their feet in twenty years’ time. The interior design will be so cleverly crafted that even the bell at reception has a story to tell.

Make your hotel fit for the future